Gather building materials. You can make village houses from any material you choose. Although not all materials require tools to harvest and mine, tools make the process faster. Learn more about crafting tools by reading “How to Make Tools in Minecraft”. These are the most common materials and how to get them. – Dirt: Dirt can be found everywhere. Simply use your hand or a shovel to grab dirt. The dirt block will break down and drop a small dirt block. To collect the dirt, simply walk over it.

– Wood planks: To collect wood, go up to a tree and strike the trunk with your hands or an axe until the trunk blocks fall apart. Then drop a small wooden block. To pick up the wood block, walk over it. Next, open the crafting menu to create wood plank blocks using the wood blocks.

– Cobblestone – Cobblestone is stronger and more resistant to creeper blasts. First, you need a pickaxe to mine cobblestone. Select the menu item to equip the pickaxe. The pickaxe can be used to break down stone blocks in caves and along the sides of mountains.

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