There are no other goals than those you set for yourself in the game. It is a game that demands player driven exploration, creation, destruction. It’s liberating. It’s a joy to discover new tools and make the world look how you want it. The world has a lot more life thanks to dangerous monsters and animals that only appear at night. You have the option to get pets or fight until the dawn against enemies like an explosive creeper who can destroy everything you’ve built. You can also focus on feeding your animals and sleeping well, so you don’t have monsters to worry about.

The building mechanics are easy to use and allow for almost unlimited freedom. Having friends along with you will make the game even more enjoyable and increase your productivity. You have more options and freedom than previous console versions, thanks to the larger world. The gameplay experience is truly endless.

There is no better way to experience Minecraft on consoles if you haven’t done so before. The PC version is still the best option for the most content-rich and largest version. However, future updates will make it possible to play the PC version. It’s still a great way to enjoy an excellent game. It’s a great source of player-driven and created fun. It’s one I highly recommend.

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