History and meaning

01. 07. 2023

History and meaning

Since its 2009 trial version, which was largely unplayed, the visual identity of the video game has been through three major overhauls. The current logo is simple in terms of its shapes and color palette but it is still easily recognized by games around the world.

What is Minecraft? Minecraft is an online sandbox game that was first created in 2011. Minecraft allows players to create their own worlds and scenarios. Minecraft can be played alone or in groups via a local network.

Hayden Scott-Baron created the first logo for Minecraft in 2009. However, it has never been used. It was a bold sans serif inscription with jumping letters, which were glued to one another. The letters' massive bodies featured a bright blue-green pattern. Blue is the sky and green is the earth.

2009 – 2011

In 2009, the first official logo was created for the videogame. It featured a gray stylized logotype with geometric contours of letters and diagonal bars made of pixel-squares. The surface was gray to represent the cobblestone. The same pattern was used in the game. The logo remained with the brand for two more years.

2011 – 2015

In 2011, the Minecraft logo was redesigned. The letters were thickened and the pattern was refined. Although the color palette was still black and gray, this version of the emblem had gray solid with some black cracks. The wordmark's typeface was changed to a bolder, squarer font. This gave the image a more confident and stable appearance.

2013 – 2021

In 2012, the logo was improved by adding gradient shades to its grey color palette. This made the bold sans-serif letters appear sleeker and gave the impression of professionalism and expertise. The contours of the symbols were enlarged and cleaned, and the “A” face became more prominent.

Special logos have been created for the Java Edition and Bedrock Edition. They are almost identical, with a few minor differences.

2021 – Now

2021's redesign has changed the colors of the Minecraft logo. The bottom of the cubic inscription was given lighter hues, while the main surface is given more matte shades. The badge's geometry and contours remained the same. However, the new colors made it look more professional and modern.

The Minecraft icon is available in two different formats. The first is a three-dimensional cube in a green and brown color scheme with a pixel-checkered design. This texture and color scheme are immediately associated with Minecraft.

The second icon is mostly used on iOS. It is executed in the same brown, green, and pixel pattern color palette as the pixel pattern. However, it is a square image with a gradient white, gray, three-dimensional “Minecraft”, wordmark in all capitals. This wordmark is placed in the middle of the square.

The wordmark was created entirely from scratch. We can't speak about a pre-made font in this instance. You can find the font online if you need it. This type was inspired from the main wordmark and includes a complete set glyphs.