Minecraft Trident

12. 13. 2022

Minecraft Trident

Since the Aquatic update (Java Edition 1.13), the Minecraft trident has been available in Minecraft Java Edition as a rare drop from drowned enemies. The trident is one of the most powerful Minecraft weapons. It can be used in melee or ranged combat and even its non-enchanted version can deliver more than a diamond blade, although its attack speed may be a little slower. You can also throw a trident as far as 80 blocks away if you improve your aim.

A Minecraft trident cannot be made, so it is impossible to find a recipe. Instead, you will need to grab one from the cold, dead and soggy hands a Drowned mob. This is one of the new zombies introduced by the Aquatic update.

The trident is a mob item and as powerful as a sword, making it an excellent weapon for your Minecraft adventure. However, you must be strong enough to take out a Drowned. We'll show you how to make your own Minecraft trident and what Minecraft enchantments can be used to upgrade it.

How to get the Minecraft Trident

Look underwater for Drowned zombie mobs. These guys may occasionally spawn in the world with a trident. To have a chance at a trident dropping from them, you will need to defeat them. However, this chance is very low at 8.5%.

If you are playing in Pocket Edition or Bedrock, there is a small chance that a Drowned will drop a trident. It's worth killing any Drowned you find while trying to get one. For a chance of spawning Downed zombie mobs, you can also use Minecraft seeds.

Only 6.25% of Drowned Spires in Java Edition have a trident. The chance is slightly higher at 15% in Bedrock Edition. Looting enchantment can increase your chances of farming.

Minecraft trident repair

These drop rates make it difficult to obtain the Minecraft trident. You'll likely spend hours searching for one. Because of their random durability, you'll want to farm several of them. You can repair a trident using Minecraft by simply combining two tridents at anvil.

A trident in Minecraft has the same durability as an iron sword, 250. However, the durability decreases by one point with each use. You don't have to spend a lot of time farming for tridents so you can enchant it with Mending to ensure that the durability takes care.

Java Edition Minecraft trident stats

The trident can be used as a powerful weapon that can also be used for other purposes. It has an attack speed of 1.1, and a standard attack that deals nine points of damage. The trident can deal 13 points of damage if it is hit with a critical blow. The ranged attack does eight points of damage. This is more than an uncharged bowshot, but only one point less than a fully-charged bowshot.

Minecraft trident enchantments

Another interesting feature of the trident, is its ability to hold unique enchantments. Here's a complete list of Minecraft trident-enchantments:

Loyalty – thrown tridents are returned to the player after a few secondChanneling – If a thrown torch hits a mob during an earthquake, then a lightning bolt is summoned. This can cause a lot of damage.
Riptide – A trident thrown underwater or in the rain transports the player and deals splash damage
Impaling – Deals extra melee and ranged damage aquatic mobs (not Drowned). This buff is available in Bedrock Edition for all mobs that are underwater or in rain.
Unbreaking – Increases durability
Mending – When the trident has been equipped, any collected orbs of XP will repair the trident and not boost the player's XP.
Curse of Vanishing: The trident vanishes upon death

This is it. Everything you need to know in order to make your own Minecraft trident and repair it. The trident is a powerful weapon in vanilla Minecraft. It's well worth having. To take down enemies, you can also make and customize a Minecraft shield. This is especially useful if you're exploring the Minecraft Nether.

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